Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Use your imagination! 60L New layout

After long time without giving news about my layouts it was time to rescape my small aquarium and try to bring something new and more directed to landscape. Everybody knows that I love landscapes and mostly something that is related to trees; this scape will be a little bit different of what I usually do but more eye catching than old layouts. 
This layout is not finished and I need to improve a lot of things on the white sand, add the plants and disguise the plastic bottle where is placed the real bonsai. I intend to recreate a cliff and use also the bottom of the higher piece of hardscape to plant some foreground plants to be more realistic and have a good transition from the bonsai to plastic's stones (Replicas from Unipac UK of my friend Roy).

My first attempt for the hardscape was to use plastic bottles but definitely I gave up of the idea once I saw the work that I was involved... Not really a good idea! It was a crazy idea and at first sight, when I started working on it but after spent a lot of time building it, it doesn't gave the natural aspect that I was expecting. So I have decided to use a big stone's replica and cut it on the middle in order that could be possible to put inside the plastic bottle with the bonsai. 

Looking to the hardscape right now, I'm very pleased with the work and it seems to me very promising... I hope that big plastic stone where is the bonsai don't fall apart and ruin the entire layout!!!!

I will let you with some pictures and I hope that you enjoy it! As soon I have more news I will publish it.

Hardscape 60L New Layout

Hardscape 60L New Layout

Hardscape 60L New Layout


Игорь ВАРНИК said...

Hey. This Ligustrum sinense? Originally happened.

Edwin said...


I really love this aquascape, brilliantly done!

I can see in one of your images that the 'stone' you used is hollow inside and so I guess it must be a piece of hardscape you can buy somewhere.

Can you please let me know where you got this 'rock'?

Many thanks,

Florian Jäger said...

... where you got this rock?

shywalker said...

People don't read