Saturday, July 07, 2012

60L full planted ' Setup day 06.07.2012

Plants arrived sooner than I expected... It was supposed to arrive next week but for my suprise they came today and I couldn't let the planting part for tomorrow! :-) 

Use your imagination

I used Hemianthus Callitrichoides cuba on the bottom and also on higher piece of hardscape; On bottom you can see also some Eleocharis aciculares and Vesicularia dubyana. On top and near of the bonsai, with Hemianthus and on the join of the plastic bottle where is placed the bonsai, I used some Cladophora aegagropila to disguise the plastic and make the transition to HC.

Use your imagination

General view of the layout (emerse and submerse)

Use your imagination

I'm preparing a video to show all the details of the layout, so stay tuned and I hope that you enjoy it ;-)


Sunny said...

Sir, is that all the lighting you are using for the tank?

Filipe Oliveira said...

Yes. Just using what you see on pictures and nothing else!