Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 New Announcement


My dear Aquascapers and hobbyist friends from Facebook, since the 1st day of this year, I became the ELOS PR Manager (Officially!)... so, if you are looking for my new layouts, reviews, articles and much more; I will be pleased in accept your friendship in:

In a couple of days I will clean from my Facebook page most of the people, keeping only the close friends and family. I really appreciate your support, dedication and for following my work; Now, you can continue following me in a different page and also on my blog. Of course that I will publish more information and different projects in my new Facebook page. I hope that you understand the situation and you know where you can find me!! 

Please share this information with your friends and hope to find you on my new "workplace".

New Year, new job and of course, I promise a lot of news... and maybe some offers ;-) 
Who knows?! 

Ps. Don't forget to do a "like" on the ELOS page:

Use your imagination ' Update 2013

Due some health problems some of my aquariums stayed in auto-maintenance but never have been forgotten! Of course that I could not have done the regular maintenance as it was supposed, but I always tried to keep them in the best conditions as possible. This doesn't mean that I lost the passion for Aquascaping or even Aquarium hobby, but the problems on my backs really let me down for a few months (discal hernia) but now that I'm recovering, I'm also coming back to update my blog and explain what really happened to my 60lt Aquarium "Use your imagination".


Usually when we can't do maintenance to aquariums is when the problems happen... The project was going as planned but unfortunately the bonsai started to loose most of the leaves and I never discovered if the problem was the water inside of the plastic recipient or due its characteristics (deciduous's bonsai) I decided to transplant it to a new plastic recipient and try to recover it!


In fact the transplant resulted, I really don't know if the cause was too much humidity, but it worked; at beginning I thought that the project was ruined or I would replace the bonsai by a new one, but after a few weeks and after have added a few liquid fertilizer (ELOS Fase1, Fase2, K40 and Extra1; just 1ml of each) few days after, new leaves start to born and for my surprise the bonsai recovered.


After few days:

After 2 weeks: Aquario_Bonsai20121202_210719_3

At the moment, the project still going and I have made a short video just to show how it looks like right now:

New video coming soon!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Use your imagination ' Video of 4th week

The videos are equal but they are hosted in two different servers; If for some reason it isn't possible to see it on youtube, you can now watch it on Vimeo. Enjoy it!

1 Month after setup ' 60L Aquarium

The layout of my 60L Aquarium made 1 month after setup and till the moment I'm very pleased with its development. Plants are growing as expected, not so fast on the bottom but it depends of the intensity of the light, because on the higher part of the hardscape and near of the bonsai, Hemianthus grew 2x faster. I had to remove the cladophora from the junction of the plastic recipient because it was letting the soil too wet and compromising bonsai's health.
I trimmed the bonsai to get more light on the left side and to improve the growing of Hemianthus on the corner, otherwise it was getting very poor and dying. So, for the moment I don't have anything more to explain, I will let you with some updated pictures of the aquarium and I hope that you enjoy it.

Later I will publish a small video of this aquarium.

1 Month After Setup IMG_0097 1 Month After Setup 1 Month After Setup 1 Month After Setup 1 Month after setup

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Elos has a new space in New York, an amazing Aquastudio that I would like to share with all of you. Enjoy it!!!

Source: ELOS Official BLOG (Blog.elos.eu)
ELOS Aquastudio USA
Welcome to ELOS Aquastudio and enjoy our newest space on New York (533 Millburn Avenue, Short Hills, NJ)
ELOS Aquastudio USA

If you have the time and are curious how it looks live, please join us on the Grand Opening from 26 to 29 of JulyWe will let you with some pictures of the space and hoping to meet you there soon!
ELOS Aquastudio USA       

More pictures on ELOS Blog: http://blog.elos.eu

Monday, July 23, 2012

60L Aquarium ' Video

Short video of my 60L Aquarium. I got feedback that some of my videos aren't seen in some countries due youtube copyrights, so I have decided to upload the video in two different hosts. Now you can see it on Vimeo and also on youtube. I hope that solves the problem!