Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My first comment goes to...

Without any particularly order, I will start with this layout only for one reason; during the first evening when I arrived to Hannover and at dinner on the Hotel, I met Kristoffer and all Danish team. We talked about several things and Kristoffer asked me about some techniques in how could improve the depth of one layout. I remember to explain that in some layouts if we push a little bit the middle plan of the layout to the front and with a good slope of substrate on the back, it is possible to give more depth to the layout but always when we take a picture to submit for contest; sometimes the layout is much better on picture than live.

I don't know if he followed my advice on the layout below, but I'm sure about one thing... the layout is much better on the picture than live. Even without a good slope of substrate it is possible to see Eleocharis acicularis on the back and when it grow a bit more, will give a very nice touch to the layout. Unfortunately for him, this contest is not based on pictures but in what you see, so the layout lost the first impression and received some penalizations.
Obs. The layout is too symmetrical and the use of emerged plants cost him some penalizations.

Please take attention that this is only my point of view, the Jury was composed by 4 persons with different views and criteria!

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