Wednesday, February 09, 2011

2nd Place XL Competition in Analysis

This layout is really good in general. The placement of the wood is very good and the scaper gave more attention to the hardscape letting free empty areas for a better observation. Observing the pieces of wood let you flow all over the aquarium without missing the details, colours and contrasts.

BUT, there is always a but and IMHO, is a bad thing that cost him a big penalization from me. Luck for him that the other judges didn't care about this kind of things; maybe I’m too rigorous on that, but I hate to see BBA Algae and the wood was filled with them! I could understand if the layout was maturated and it was in his home; but since he did bring all the wood and settled on the tank, one thing that he should do was to scratch the wood with the use of a knife or something similar. Simply cleaned it… It gave immediately a different look and not a lazy look to the layout.

Please take attention that this is only my point of view, the Jury was composed by 4 persons with different views and criteria!

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