Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Attending to some requests!

Attending to some requests, I will start posting on my blog my comments about each layout from the Art of the Planted Aquarium contest. I will not intend to post all comments at same time, so you need to be patiente... Maybe one or two layouts per day! Better than nothing, isn't it?

Jury of the Event: Filipe Oliveira, Prof. Dr. Ole Pedersen, Roland Stößner and Bartlomiej Lipczynski (from the left to right)
Picture: Jørgen Fischer Ravn

Meanwhile, I will continue posting more pictures of the event and maybe some videos that I received on my email.


knut said...

Hey Filipe,
at first, i have to say, it was a honor to meet you in Hannover. Thank you for taking the time for judging and even more for answering every single question. And now we´re all updating your page every day, lust for the comments. Its a bit sad, that the live comments were not written down. So please keep on "judging". We appreciate that!

Filipe Oliveira said...

Hi Knut,

You didn't sign your name on the message, so I really don't know who is the person that I'm talking to...
Meanwhile, I can say it again... that was an unique experience to talk and meet all Aquascapers and followed such great works there. I was really impressed with the high level of the works. I hope to repeat this experience again and see you very soon.
Regarding my comments to the layouts, I will continue doing that, but I was a bit busy last days and it was impossible to update the blog; Very soon I will post new comments, layouts and several pictures!

Best regards,