Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moscow Seminar 3rd and 4th Day

During my speeches and slideshow presentation, they saw my tree scapes and even that I tried to persuade them to not do it, they decided to go on and try.
3rd and 4th day of Seminar was almost practice for the participants, so they spent all most of the time planting and tie the moss to the wood.
During this process I teach them some secrets about how can they tie the moss, give more details to the wood and how they need to trim to give the correct shape to the top of the "tree".
Guys, if you are reading this, do not reveal the secret :-)

On this kind of layout the most important is a good hardscape and keep all the things in proportion to the size of the tank. This layout was setup with what we had available at the moment, so even that we wanted to do it better, it wasn't possible. The wood used for trees needed to be worked and improvised to get the best shape for the layout. Usually I take 1 or 2 months to prepare one scape like this, but we hadn't time, so for such short time and wood available, the layout was very nice... IMHO of course!

After they tie the moss and placed the wood on the right position, it was time to start planting the foreground plants (Eleocharis parvula and Cryptocoryne parva).

The layout was done, it was time to fill the aquarium with water! With careful, we used newspaper to cover entire bottom to prevent mix the soil and cloudy water.

Aquarium filled with water and with ELOS Rea30 working.

Picture of the TEAM:

From the left to the right: Michael, Dimitriy, Sergey, Varvara, Sergey (2), Sara, Tanya, Jazgool, Goolya, Maxim and Maxim (2)... and me on the middle.


Eduardo said...

Olá Filipe, como vai?

Fiquei curioso com aquela caixa preta do lado esquerdo, na primeira foto. É um filtro?


Filipe Oliveira said...

Sim Eduardo, trata-se da coluna seca do aquário, pois está ligado a uma sump.