Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Moscow Seminar 1st and 2nd Day

Moscow Aquarium has the most beautiful Marine aquariums that I ever saw in my life, but something was missing there… where were the planted aquariums? A new trend needs to be settle to complete the aquarium exhibition and this was the reason of my visit; to teach all the team how to setup planted tanks, tips and tricks and how to use ELOS products. The seminar was organized by subject for a better understanding of all participants. During the mornings, I did a several speeches where I showed with slideshow presentation, some of my layouts, how I started in planted tanks and after that some pratice.

1st Day, after talking about planted tanks in general, it was time to show how I usually prepare the planted tanks. The hardscape was prepared in two aquariums according with kind of layout to make. The System 120x50x50 was prepared only with rocks and System 160x60x60 only with driftwood.

2nd Day, some changes needed to be done on System 160x60x60. The hardscape of this aquarium wasn’t good enough, so I just added more wood to the hardscape and explained that is possible to improve without remove the main driftwood.

Using plastic ties and some small rocks, I placed more driftwood wood near of main driftwood, the composition was now more balanced and with more details. After that, it was time to do another speech about aquatic plants, how to use it, trimming and general position inside of the tank, before start planting.

Those are the results of the aquariums, after planted!

More pictures of seminar very soon!

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