Sunday, July 06, 2014

Tree of Life - Small changes (NEW Layout 2014)

After being away for 2 weeks for Interzoo, this tank ran out of CO2 and liquid fertilisation and Hemianthus suffered with lack of nutrition and the better conditions to grow healthy. 

But after a good trimming, it was recovering very well, however, Hemianthus demands a lot of care and maintenance. Trim it is not always so easy to do, mostly when the aquarium is small and we have a lot of details that difficult even more that task... My back don't allow me to stay trim it for about 2 hours because everybody knows that Hemianthus has very small roots and if you don't trim it carefully, it will release from the substrate. 
So I have decided to exchange it by Eleocharis mini from Aquaflora and IMHO the layout looks much better now then before... 

What you think? Do you share the same opinion as me?

Tree of Life - Before and After

Ps. About the moss on the Tree (Bonsai), I took it off and just let a few tips. I have a lot of time to finish this layout and I don't want to give the same volume to the top of the tree as before, but just keep some green in order to look more natural as possible as real trees. Let's wait and see how it will develop. 


Pedro Almeida said...

Ficou mais selvagem! Vai actualizando :)

Janine Pauke said...

I came across your blog by chance, just had to say that I love your aquarium, it's beautiful! :)