Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Layout of New Elos Concept80 on Interzoo 2012

Last days I have been in Nice to setup some planted Aquariums on Elos Aquastudio in Neoquarium and after I traveled to Nuremberg to do also some planted aquariums on ELOS booth for Interzoo 2012.
For now, I will leave you with some pictures of one of two layouts that I have done on ELOS booth, later I will also publish some videos and pictures of all this journey in French and German lands...

This aquarium is really amazing in all kind of aspects... if you are looking for design, quality and an affordable price for an ELOS Aquarium, this is the product! The new ELOS Concept80 comes in two different versions as I have announced on my blog before, pool and system, and the measures are very good in case you like to do Aquascaping or even Marine. It isn't so small... neither so big! If I'm not wrong, it has 80x42x42 (more or less) and it give you the space enough even to setup 3 different layouts (3 different visions) in one single aquarium.

This is the view that was visible from the inside of ELOS booth.
One of the sides of Elos Concept80

View from outside of the booth
One of the sides of Elos Concept80
View from small size of the aquarium. IMHO it gives a lot of depth and let you understand how I have done it.
One of the sides of Elos Concept80

Just an interesting detail of the layout.

Quite soon I will share more details about the tank, lighting system, plants used and also publish a video of this aquarium. Stay tunned and I hope that you enjoy it!

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