Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elos Aquastudio Neoquarium in Nice

As I have wrote yesterday on my last post, I have been in Nice on Neoquarium to setup few aquariums at ELOS Aquastudio from François Nollet (Neoquarium) and I was surprised with what I have seen... This is not only a shop but a different approach in aquarium business. A mix of gallery with technical fish shop, always well cared and mostly with a beautiful design in all aspects, such in aquariums, as in environment space. If I had to describe the space in one word... it would be "fantabulastic!".
It was a pleasure been there, have a chat with a few customers, setup a few planted aquariums and teach the team how to do it, because mostly of their tanks are directed mainly to Marine. Now, for sure they will have more green on their amazing Aquastudio and at least show to their customers that is also possible to have beautiful aquariums also in freshwater.

I will let you with some pictures and videos of the Aquastudio and as soon as possible, I will share more pictures of the Aquastudio and also of some individual aquariums.

François Nollet of Neoquarium with Elos System mini display:
François Nollet Elos SystemMini Display
Entrance of the Aquastudio, marine and (now) some planted aquariums! :-)
Entrance Gallery System's Display
Virtual visit to Neoquarium:

Time Lapse of how to setup a planted aquarium:

More and more news coming out very soon! I hope that you enjoy it ;-)

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