Saturday, February 04, 2012

Making of ' Aquarium for Saramugo @ Fluviário de Mora

During past week I have been in Fluviário de Mora decorating 3 freshwater aquariums dedicated to fishes, crustaceans and invertebrates of Portuguese rivers. It was an hell of an experience decorate these aquariums! This kind of decoration is really different of what I'm used to do and I've faced also a lot of limitations regarding flora and mostly the size (tall) of each tank... 110cm is too hard to work and all of them were decorated from inside (hardscape) because it was impossible to reach the bottom of the aquarium in normal situation.

I've a lot of pictures and some videos of all the work that I have done past week and I will share as soon as possible; meanwhile I will let you with the step by step of the "Saramugo" Aquarium (Saramugo "Anaecypris hispanica" is an Iberian fish and can be found in some Portuguese rivers, this specie is under preservation and near of extinction).

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