Monday, January 23, 2012

And now... Changes again? Definitely!

An aquarium when doesn't born right, it is just a question of time to something get wrong... One month after setup the problems started to happen, not with the layout but with the Discus.
This layout was made for them and not for real aquascaping, so I tried to give them more space than usual just to avoid being aggressive with each others. Till first month I didn't have a thing to complain, the plants grew and spread very fast, and the Discus were quite happy with the space provided.
Suddenly, my young Discus showed signs of disease... Everybody that have Discus knows that symptoms in Discus can mean a lot of things; they start to loose coloration and get dark, but this sign can be internal or external parasites, costia, bacterial infection, etc... or none of them, just extremely signs of stress. Observing their eyes and behavior, its possible outwit some of those symptoms. With a fast breathing, a little bit bloated and fins melting, I really thought that was a bacterial infection and I started treat him (even had several doubts that it was the cause!). Unfortunately and after 3 days was dead.... What an hell!
Usually when a fish dies I put it immediately on the garbage, but this time and due the suddenly dead, I did a "biopsy" trying to find any clue for what did happen. Using a X-Ato I opened it and once I stuck the x-ato on the stomach a lot of water or urine came from there... I couldn't believe that had obstipation, easily solved with Magnesium sulfate or salt. The young Discus died so quickly that I haven't had a 2nd chance of treat him again! But it is not all!!!
The other Discus that was recovering and was too thin, after the treatment to biological infection started to get weak day after day, and after 1 week died! What an end of year!!! :-(

Here it is a picture taken one month ago.
350L Aquarium

Both aquariums side by side:
60L and 350L Aquariums

During treatments I had to reduce the CO2 to minimum and algae appeared, but nothing that can be solved on the future... I thought!
First I broke my ELOS REA50 (CO2 reactor) during maintenance and later I get sick for a week with a laryngitis... this aquarium turned into a nightmare. The last month of 2011 was a mess for this aquarium and to be honest I cannot look to it right now...

I'm preparing minor changes on this layout, some plants will be removed and I will adjust some of the wood without cause any problem to Discus and foreground plants. I hope that 2012 bring me luck and that I can transform this layout into a beautiful Planted aquarium with discus.

I hope to bring news very soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi mate!
Discus might be beautiful fishes, my favorites in fact, but they are the most picky animals I know! Don't let this take you down Filipe, I know it's not good at all when our fishes die but you have to keep going. I already had 2 Discus and both died with some disease... I couldn't be more disappointed but here I am dreaming about my next HUGE tank full of lovely Discus.

I truly wish you luck to this year my friend. Better times will come :)

Just enjoy life and this wonderful hobby!