Tuesday, November 08, 2011

11 Days after setup ' Video

This layout has 11 days after setup and it is visible that some plants grew and have spread very well. Next days, I will trim to some plants for the first time to give more volume and start defining some areas, keeping some plants under control.
When I setup my 350L (one day after this layout), I not used all Eleocharis acicularis (3 pots), so I planted them on the front of this layout to close the empty area visible on the first video.

Please accept my apologies, but this layout has not 4 days as mentioned in the video but 11 days. I mess up the setup date with the postprocessing of photos and videos.
This layout was setup on 27/October, so if we make some counts, it will give us 11 days and not 4! Sorry for that! I already edited the video on youtube to cut the first seconds, where it is mentioned 4days. As soon it will be processed, it will make sense with the title (already changed).


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Anonymous said...

what a jungle man!! :PPP
In 4 days you can do what I do in weeks xDD No kidding!
Don't forget to post some photos of your 350l tank hehe