Friday, November 11, 2011

350L Plantado vs Discus V2011

As I announced, this aquarium received a new layout On Friday 28/October 2011 (2 weeks ago). As usual and since my 240L Aquarium, I’m using the same soil since there. It is amazing how we can keep the ELOS Soil for long term without become into mud. Of course that we’ll loose some soil during time pass because when we place the rocks and driftwood, we press them on the soil and this will smash the grains at surface, transforming it in dust and later in mud; but reuse 98~99% of the soil is really amazing.

What I really don’t like is to clean an old layout (on my counts, with more than 24 months) where I passed more than 4h trying to clean all the roots, mostly when we have a lot of Cryptocorynes. The roots become very big and soil very compacted, that need an extra dose of patience to clean everything and I’m not sure that will appear on the layout… my experience tells me that I will have a surprise; Cryptocorynes will appear along the new layout, for sure!!
Other thing is to catch all the shrimps that multiplied on this aquarium… it is insane.


After have everything cleaned, it is time to start placing the wood and rocks (fake rocks, replicas from Unipac, UK)

When I planned this layout it wasn’t my intention to place the rocks and wood like this. I would like to have the wood more straight and use the plants to fill those areas, unfortunately it was impossible because the rocks were bigger than I thought and the wood didn’t have the right size to build that. So, it was time to adapt and improvise something to the new hardscape and adapt all the plants to the new design.

Start planting.
List of plants used on the layout: Echinodorus tenellus, Eleocharis acicularis, Hydrocotyle leucocephala, Glossostigma elantinoides, Ludwigia glandulosa, Saururus cernuus and Ceratopteris siliquosa.



2nd week after setup and with 1st trimming already done.
350L NewLayout 2011

The discus with problem (it is quite noticeable on the picture) still resists and now starts to eat more than ever. Can this change on the layout save him? Time will tell!

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Anonymous said...

Although I loved your last layout I think you did a great job :D
Very simple and those rocks rules!!! I love it!
The important thing is your discus have a really nice home :)
Keep posting Filipe.