Friday, May 27, 2011

The new DaniReef project: the Tank

I thanks Filipe for the opportunity he gave me to write on his wonderful blog.

As I write mainly towards Marine Aquarium, I would like to began to write about my system, that compare with normal fresh water tank, is quite bigger.

From the problem of my previous tank that after two years had almost completely unstuck (see here), I ordered a new tank and thanks to Alessandro Falco who lent me his aquarium to keep “on holiday” my adored fish, I managed at last to take off.

The choice of measures has been to prefer a tank that would give the idea of being large, so a very wide format, despite the height. So I confirmed the length of the front window of 130 cm, while I had to settle of a width of 60 cm, and a total height of 50 cm, which might give a more wide aquascape, this also because of the layout I have in mind and you’ll see soon.

Even the furniture was finally built to measure, and I say finally especially for those who remember of the previous one… that I wanted but that I never finished, thanks to my proverbial manual skills ;-)

Forniture and tank have been ordered to Elos and I had to wait a month before the delivery order, I was actually very lucky, it is often necessary to wait up to 2 months from the order, for oversized items.

The bottom of tank is constructed by two layers of glass glued together in a staggered, as shown in next photo, which notes the characteristic bonding Elos.

The overflow, for obvious aesthetic reasons, has been placed on the far left, and is very tiny, measuring 15×11, 5 cm outside, inside is empty and has the two hoses for loading and unloading.

Into the overflow you can see the sump, that for now it’s empty

The tank will have a cycling accelerated as soon as possible to enter the fish as I said I’m managing to another aquarium, and then take two aquarium together is not the best economically. I will use very few rocks, and begin with live sand. The rocks come from an existing aquarium, and even the light will start immediately with 4 hours.

For now I leave you with pictures of the tank just in place, expect comments, criticisms, questions, and why not … ideas …

Good vision


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João Ferreira said...

Well I saw the pics and skipped the intro...
When I saw "live sand" it hit me like a brick: Its a marine aquarium!
The big aquatium pics just cauth my attention faster than the text :P

Too bad I direct my attention to things related to fresh water fish behaviour... But this post made me curious about marine aquarofilia.

I hope that you keep the developement of this project up to date. Look foward for news.
Regards, João Ferreira