Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Art of the Planted Aquarium ' Exhibition Centre

During 27 to 31 of January I was on Hannover for contest of the Art of the Planted Aquarium and I only have on word to describe what I saw... FANTASTIC! I was very pleased and honoured to be part of the Jury (Prof. Dr Ole Pederson, Bartlomiej Lipczynski and Roland Stößner) this year and of course, after I saw last year pictures and videos from the event, I knew that this year, it would be more difficult to judge... and I was right!
It wasn't the first time that I was part of the jury team of a contest and I'm used to judge great layouts; but only in a screen of a computer through pictures, nothing compared to this event. If I came to the fair on 29, I didn't believe that was possible to do what these participants did. Some aquariums seemed that they brought from home because of their quality and maturity!!

During those days, I met personally a lot of persons and of course really great Aquascapers that usually we only meet on internet, forums, blogs and social networks… and talk with them, see different points of view and to share some knowledge was really fantastic.
Aquascapers all over the world came to this contest not only with a mission of win, but for party; of course if they have the possibility of win, they will try because the prize is very good, but the feeling of be there, talk, drink some beers and be with all participants it is always a feeling of victory and friendship!

When I arrived (27 of January), the organization was preparing all the aquariums for the contest and I, with nothing to do... I went for a walk on the exhibition centre to take some pictures; the weather was nice but too much cold for a guy from Portugal, quite normal for this kind of season!!!

More pictures of the layouts and the event very soon.

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