Monday, February 07, 2011

The Art of the Planted Aquarium ' 1st Day of the Event

It was everything prepared and it was time to open the doors of the fair to public and to all participants of the contest.

Another view from the fair.

DasAquarium, Shop of Harald; person that organized the event "Art of the Planted Aquarium".
Now, it was time to Scaping...
All participants came with equipments, boxes of plants and hardscape. It was time to create the layouts... time was counting and they needed to finish the layouts until 13h of next day (Saturday), to give to the judges time to analyse and choose the best ones; to have the 1st of several meetings before announce the results on Aquascaping Party.

Polish team assembling all pieces of moss that they had brought from Poland. Nice Scape!
Kristoffer from Denmark. Great guy as all Denmark team!
George Farmer from http://www.ukaps.org/ (making team with Dan Crawford)
Great scape from Marcel. IMHO one of the best layouts from the contest.

Tobias studying the rocks positioning.

Great Scape!!! Very original and a truly Danish style :-)
Plants and more plants...
Oliver Knott preparing the background for his multimedia aquarium "Avatar"
More pictures coming soon!


Daniel Park Nielsen said...

Haha the scape with roots and beer cans was an exclusive Danish creation - one of a kind ;) Maybe Jørgen has a picture of the finish result. But nice pictures.

Kind regards, Daniel

Filipe Oliveira said...

Really? Ups... I need to change the description of the picture!
I will email to Jorgen to ask for the last picture and then I will post it here with the correction.