Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Use your imagination ' Update 2013

Due some health problems some of my aquariums stayed in auto-maintenance but never have been forgotten! Of course that I could not have done the regular maintenance as it was supposed, but I always tried to keep them in the best conditions as possible. This doesn't mean that I lost the passion for Aquascaping or even Aquarium hobby, but the problems on my backs really let me down for a few months (discal hernia) but now that I'm recovering, I'm also coming back to update my blog and explain what really happened to my 60lt Aquarium "Use your imagination".


Usually when we can't do maintenance to aquariums is when the problems happen... The project was going as planned but unfortunately the bonsai started to loose most of the leaves and I never discovered if the problem was the water inside of the plastic recipient or due its characteristics (deciduous's bonsai) I decided to transplant it to a new plastic recipient and try to recover it!


In fact the transplant resulted, I really don't know if the cause was too much humidity, but it worked; at beginning I thought that the project was ruined or I would replace the bonsai by a new one, but after a few weeks and after have added a few liquid fertilizer (ELOS Fase1, Fase2, K40 and Extra1; just 1ml of each) few days after, new leaves start to born and for my surprise the bonsai recovered.


After few days:

After 2 weeks: Aquario_Bonsai20121202_210719_3

At the moment, the project still going and I have made a short video just to show how it looks like right now:

New video coming soon!


pbl said...

Estava a ver que não...
Muito bonito.

Filipe Oliveira said...

Pedro, custou mas está a chegar ao ponto que idealizei. Foi pena o Bonsai ter perdido as folhas... mas agora que está a recuperar, mais umas semanas e está no ponto.


David Pierce said...

Such an amazing scape. Literally thinking outside the box, I love it.

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