Monday, July 23, 2012

60L Update ' What really happened in two weeks...

Two weeks after setup, I added the fishes and shrimps to help cleaning the layout. Some algae appeared, but nothing that should be worried about, quite common when you setup a new planted aquarium. Some partial water changes of 50% twice a week, solved the problem and established the water column. 

I added the same fishes that had on my last layout and were kept on other aquarium while the nitrogen  cycle wasn't finished.

Let me show how the Layout looks like after 2 weeks.

Panoramic picture of submerged layout:
Use your imagination 2nd Week

General view of the entire layout:
Use your imagination 2nd Week

Close Up of the bonsai and also of the underwater cliff:
Use your imagination 2nd Week

View from the left:
Use your imagination 2nd Week

A bonsai's root that went out from the plastic recipient and is growing inside of water column:
Use your imagination 2nd Week

Take a look how it went out and how big it is! The root looks very healthy and it seems that the bonsai needs even more water than it is getting from the humidity provided by the Cladophora that is keeping the humidity inside of the plastic recipient. Hemianthus callitrichoides spread very fast on the top and it seems that very soon will need a trimming.
Use your imagination 2nd Week

And it is all for now... I will try to do a movie on the next days to show this layout with more detail.


Anonymous said...

Um belíssimo trabalho, vc conseguiu unir em um só os dois itens que eu mais gosto.


Mike Davies said...
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Mike Davies said...

Hi - love your bonsai!

Mike Davies said...

Hi - love your bonsai tree!
Beautiful! :)