Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New ElosConcept80 ' full customizable


ELOS Concept80

Interzoo is near and as usual, ELOS launches, new and innovative products for the Aquarium Market!
The first thing that was announced recently was the new ELOS Concept80, a system fully customizable, so you can build your own system according to your needs and tastes, fully upgradeable just in case you want to change from Freshwater to Marine or the opposite.
Elos Concept80 is available in two versions, POOL and SYSTEM.
POOL version, is the first step in this range incorporating a normal aquarium for purists, who do not want to have overflows, tubes, pipes etc… or any kind of connecting tubes on the bottom glass as they intend to use an external canister filter or other type of filtration system.

Now things are starting to get HOT! The SYSTEM…

Always thinking of their customers, ELOS has developed and designed the SYSTEM to be full upgradable just in case you need to migrate to a different ecosystem (Freshwater or Marine). You can simply divide the ELOS Concept80 System into several systems… easily upgradable or purchased according to your needs. Let’s see…

Elos Concept80

ELOS Concept80 with internal filter, by just adding a cover adapted to the chamber on the bottom glass, closing off the tubes and working only with the individual internal filtration system.
But, what if I want to use and external canister filter instead of an internal filter?

The cover that is connected to the chamber can also work as an overflow, this means that you connect the external filter to the in/out flow from the chamber, open the circuit and use it! It can be easily adapted. You have just upgraded your aquarium from an internal filter to external filtration, by using a canister filter or even a Sump! As simple as that!

Seeing these possibilities, it is quite easy to understand that if you want to migrate to a Marine ecosystem, using a Sump you can by simpley adding a Skimmer, Osmocontroller… etc, just by connecting the tubes to the chamber!
Lighting system, fully upgradeable and customizable
Glossy, brilliant and transparent, it can house classic T5 tubes or the most innovative ELOS Led Strips.

Choose it in white, black, and silver or indulge with the more refreshing green and red.
And if you want to make a "statement" you can even connect it to the E-Vision to fully control your light by the touch of a finger.



The cabinet was designed to support and perfectly match the design of your aquarium, it will accentuate its beauty. Built with marine grade MDF, it is made in Absolute White, to match with most interiors, but if you prefer you can add a unique touch to your Aquarium, by changing the fascia to match the colour of your light or to the decor of your home.

Click on pictures to see further details of new ELOSConcept80

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