Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update of 350L Planted Aquarium with Discus

After long time without giving news about my aquariums it is time to update this layout. 
To be honest, it is not going as I expected but doesn't mean that cannot be worked to get the results... Problems after problems, I can even say "what a hell will gonna to happen next?!" Unfortunately, everything happens to this aquarium, but fortunately I'm solving these issues and keeping calm!  
Last week it happened again... Bad tap water, resulted on the dead of all my fishes, fortunately and because I was fast, I took off all my discos from this tank and using some water from my 120L aquarium I have saved them! It was a nightmare... (same as here: Problem with water
All small fishes died quickly, 15 seconds were enough to see them struggling with the water and tumbling... Discus were intoxicated, but once they are adults and healthy, they have more resistance to these problems and they resisted! 
Now it is everything ok, new fishes were added... some trimmings were done and I hope that my bad luck finally stops! It is too much bad luck for just one aquarium...

Here it is a picture of today, after some trimmings and maintenance:
350L Discos

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