Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update of my 60L Aquarium ' 26 Days after setup

After last trimming plants got volume and grew very fast, but they still don't have volume enough for what I want. This kind of layouts, when we use a lot of stem plants, we need to have patience and trim the plants very often to get the best shape; this is what I will gonna do next days, trim it again but this time with a different method.
Meanwhile, I adjusted the fertilization routine and changed a little bit the quantity of each liquid fertilizer. I have increased the dose of FASE1 and FASE2 plus 0.5ml weekly, instead of 2X0.5ml, I'm using now 1ml + 0.5ml to raise PO4 to 1ppm and provide more chelated iron + micros to balance Lighting system vs CO2 (that is now 1,5bps, instead of 1bps). More CO2 will increase plant's metabolism on high light but we cannot forget to increase also liquid fertilization, otherwise the aquarium will be unbalanced and algae will appear.

26 Days After Setup

Panoramic picture of the Aquarium with 26 days after setup.
26 Days After Setup

Short video of the Aquarium:

Choose 720p for better resolution.

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