Wednesday, November 02, 2011

ELOS BlackMediumSoil

Most of the people knows that I'm a big fan of brown soil (ELOS Terra) and I had been using it during long, long time with excellent results. However, this time and after saw it live in Aqua2011 in Telford UK and used it to setup the paludarium, I surrender! It is absolutely amazing how the water stays crystal from the time when I start to fill the aquarium with water till is totally filled up!
With ELOS Terra brown soil usually I use some newspaper to cover the soil and plants to avoid getting cloudy water after fill the aquarium with water. In this case and to show you how different it is, I filled up the aquarium directly from TAP water without newspaper and any kind of filtration during the process... You must see to believe!!! Take 7min of your time and watch it ;-)

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The Piranhas said...

Perfeito FAAO! estou maluco com esta nova montagem! Parabéns!
Mas vale a pena?
Quanto dura e custa?