Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time of some changes!

After more than 18 months I decided to put my hands on this aquarium and do a total makeover. It was in self maintenance for more then one month and I don't remember the last time that I trimmed those plants... Unfortunately, one of my discus died and for sure that other one will die soon. Discus are a beautiful fish but at same time is so stupid. We know that they fight for the territory and they love to exhibit for the females or males, but for a long time they were quite calm inside of this aquarium and nothing can be done when they loose their appetite. Treatment after treatment, they insist in not eat, and when they do, it seems that don't like the food... I tried everything and I lost hope in save my oldest Disco.

I will let you with a final shot of this aquarium and as soon I get the new plants, I will share here some videos and step by step pictures of the new layout.

350L Final Shot


Anonymous said...

I hope everything gets fine with your discus because they are a beautiful creatures!
Anyway, I'll be expecting your new layout :)

PS: Your aquarium was awesome on that picture!! :D


Filipe Oliveira said...

Thanks Janf for your comment ;-)
I don't have hope, but with Discus we never know!
This Aquarium live is mutch beautiful than in a picture ;-)