Thursday, June 02, 2011

Elos unveiled the New E-Vision from Aquarama

Elos has presented at international trade fairs held in Singapore Aquarama the new controller E-Vision that will replace the already gorgeous Biotopus II.

The heart of the system consists of a color touch screen module extremely sensitive to the touch. Thanks to the adoption of the modular system you can buy the complete system or any of the individual parts, without the need to buy the whole system, a revolutionary approach that probably will change the way we see computers programmed for aquariums.

The controller has a beautiful glossy finish as you can see in the picture, but the system is composed, to date, by the following modules:

  • Clima – temperature module

  • Tempo – module for managing the timed sockets

  • Led dimmer – dimmer for LED lamps Elos compatible

  • ORP – module for the management and monitoring of the redox probe

  • pH – module for the management and monitoring of pH probes

All modules are extremely comprehensive and can be used alone to control the part of the automation that we are interested at a price that was announced, will be very low.

The module LED dimmer will dim any lamp Elos compatible, so maybe the E-lite second series, the E-LiteXP and E-Stripe, and will be programmed directly by module itself, with a simplified programming, or you can connect it to a PC for a more complete program, then you can connect it to the touch screen E-vision and communicate with any other modules.

Elos has also developed a complete web interface, so you can always talk to the E-vision until the point of making changes to your remote aquarium. In the video we see the Elos owner, Nicola Gandini, makes a dimming of the E-LliteXP Color based on aquarium at the headquarters of Elos in Verona, through an internet terminal in Aquarama in Singapore.

On paper the new E-Vision appears to be extremely interesting, especially regarding to price, as it seems that the touch module is expected to cost about 300-400 €, and the individual modules around 200-250 €, not just the need to purchased all modules.

We hope to have soon an E-vision to try and test… because, as you all know, I am so deeply attracted from this type of toys.

At the moment, Nicola Gandini says, the available module are Tempo (timer), Led Dimmer and Power Plug, and obviously the Touch Screen


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