Friday, May 20, 2011

New update of 60L Aquarium - 35 days after setup

35 days after setup and the layout continues in good shape and the plants growing very well. I took this picture today after weekly maintenance and after add the fishes. I just found again the Micro rasbora and I didn't resist. I hope to have more luck this time... for sure I will smell and taste the water before any water change, just in case!!!!

One Step Closer


Anonymous said...

It looks really nice. I just LOVE IT :D

Those Boraras kill me!!

João Ferreira said...

The small sized fish gave the impression that the aquarium is huge.
Along with the cuba and the right sized rocks.
Kudos to you :D

Jorge Santos said...

Very good, as usual :)

Eduardo said...

Lindíssimo! Qual é o setup deste aqua? e que peixinhos são esses?