Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New pictures of my new layout

After planting my new layout, I was with several doubts in add the fishes so soon, but I found during a visit at one fish shop the Mosquito Rasbora as known also by Rasbora brigittae. I couldn't resist and bought a few... In order to supply the best bacteria inside of the aquarium I used ELOS AquaUno; it was the first time that I used enzymatic bacteria in my aquariums, because usually I use recycled water from my other aquariums. In this case I preferred not use the water to avoid add exceeded nutrients in so newest setup. AquaUno can be used during the setup on the bottom of subtract or inside of the filter media; and this was what I did. To avoid damage the Hemianthus Callitrichoides, I opened a few capsules of AquaUno and added inside of my Hang on filter bellow the wool. This circulated on water column for a 1h and after that, slowly I adapted the new fishes to the new water conditions.

Here they are the pictures of my new layout with some Rasbora brigittae.

One Step Closer 60L ' 18.04.2011 One Step Closer 60L ' 18.04.2011 One Step Closer 60L ' 18.04.2011


Setup date: 15 of April 2011
Aquarium: Elos custom made in optiwhite 55x35x35
Lighting system: E-Lite (Led Technology)
Filter: Hang On Filter
Temperature: 18~21º ambient temperature (no heater)
CO2 System: ELOS Set ECO with ATO-10, Bubble counter and EV2000 (Solenoid valve)

Substrate: Elos Terra Zero, ELOS Bottom Mineral and ELOS Terra Small
Fertilization: Not yet

Plants: (special thanks to http://www.aquaflora.nl/)
Hemianthus Callitrichoides and Anubias nana mini

Fishes: Rasbora brigittae


giboulee said...

Looks really nice!
I like the movement of the branches, gives you the feeling of wind.

Vitor Sousa said...

Muito Interessante, muito fixe :)

Filipe Oliveira said...

Thanks a lot for your comments and compliments!