Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day4 - Bad fortune :-(

Today unfortunately, something unexpected occurred! All my Micro Rasbora died after a water change :-(
I forgot that a maintenance company was on the building cleaning the water’s deposit; and on the afternoon during a normal maintenance to my aquariums I decided to do a water change to my small aquarium. Fortunately, I didn’t change the water of my 350L aquarium, which was scheduled for today; otherwise the problem would be more dramatic than this.
When I saw the fishes reacting differently and tremble, was too late for do something. My first reaction was went into the kitchen and fill a cup of water and taste it, the smell was very strong at chloride and when I tasted the water, I just noticed that wasn’t normal. Usually I don’t use any anti-chloride on my aquariums and even that I had some at home, the fishes died so fast that no product could save them…
I’m very pissed off because I simply forgot of the water’s maintenance and it was very difficult to find those fishes!!! I hope that nothing happen with the plants… wish me luck!


Jorge Santos said...

It's a pity :\

I had the same problem a few months ago but with Crystal Reds...

You can get some more fishes you know where... They have plenty :)

Anonymous said...

I would get pissed too ... :(
Thanks god it just affected the fishes, well we hope so.

Try to not think too much about it, keep going! Your work is brilliant ;)

Filipe Oliveira said...

Jorge, Where I can find them?
In Jardiland don't have them because I did bring the last ones 2 days ago, because some of the first ones were sucked by the filter; so I solved the problem using a net and now they are out of stock.

I hope that has only affected the fishes, otherwise I will be very, very pissed off! If something happen to the plants I really don't know what I will do to this layout!
On the next days we will know!

Kim Guanzon said...

sorry for your the unfortunate loss of fish... micro rasboras are my absolute favorite.

Berkley said...

Haven't it been a bit too early to have fish in a fresh set up? So i don't wonder that they died...
Just because of your active soil.
But pretty nice fish!
Kind Regards

Filipe Oliveira said...

Hi Kim,

Micro Rasbora is a very nice fish; I will try to find more later. Right now and while my water still like this, I will not add any fishes and avoid to change water in all my aquariums. I hope that very soon it return to normality.

I can admit that was too soon to add the fishes, but this is nothing related to the soil and bacterial problems. The water was crystal from the beginning and I added bacteria into the water before add the fishes on the aquarium.
The water that I did used for water change was with too much chloride than usual because of the treatment of the water's deposit and I simply forgot it!!! My mistake... I saw petrified and without any possibility in help those poor fishes, that died in 2 minutes. Now I have milky water in this tank and this is related to bacterial problem; the big amount of chloride simply killed all bacterial system in this aquarium.
I hope don’t have any problems with the plants, that were spreading very well and healthy.

Ps. In all years that I have of aquarium hobby I never saw something like that!


Jorge Santos said...

I don't think you will have any problems with the plants, because they are not (too) affected by chorilde, so just do a major water change as soon as possible and it will be fine ;)

Anonymous said...

How are the aquarium by now? Did you have any problem with plants?

Filipe Oliveira said...

My tap water was back to normal, finally!
I will try to find again those fishes and add a few ones.
The plants suffered a little bit, but now that is everything back to normal, they are reacting very well. I will post something new very soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks god everything is ok now!

So, I'll be waiting for the update :P