Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 Layouts in Analysis - Art of Planted Aquarium

I had been very busy last days and it was impossible to continue writing on my blog. Now that all things are settle, it is time to come back to the analysis as I promised.

More news are coming to this blog!
I’m working on a new layout and I think that on the next week I will have something to show. So, stay tuned.

I love this layout, simple and with a lot of details. Others members of the jury criticized the layout because of the use of emerged cryptocorynes; but for me it didn’t matter, because their positioning are very good and cryptocorynes are like a question mark… they can get a different size or shape depending on conditions that they are submitted, like water, light intensity… but in any case you can control them with the trimming. The unique thing that I really don’t like, is the overgrowing of the bolbitis on the background; they are too tall and not in proportion with overall composition. Maybe if the aquascaper had trimmed the bigger leafs it gave a better touch to the layout; but in any case, the layout is very good and balanced.

This layout started very well but unfortunately to the Aquascaper didn’t finish as I expected. I can say that the positioning of the rocks are good and not good enough depending on two situations. If he had planted something between the big rock and the others at the left, the layout was balanced and the rocks composition was really great; but he preferred to let that space empty, breaking the balance of overall composition. On the picture the layout is better than live because the blyxa simply hide that fail, but on live it is visible that big hole between those three rocks. If did used more Staurogyne on that side and gave more volume, like he did on the right side it was perfect IMHO.In any case, good job!

This layout, you love it or hate it! Sometimes keep it very simple makes a huge difference. It is too symmetrical IMHO but it works. Of course if the aquascaper simply extended the use of rocks and had planted more Hemianthus on the sides or on the left side, like they were mixed with the centre, it was much better. I really like it, it is simple, a few species of plants and “clean”. Congratulations.


giboulee said...

I like the first one best too, it's really spectacular. What's wrong with using emersed cryptos?

Filipe Oliveira said...

This is a different contest where the aquascapers should plant an aquarium as it looks finished. Of course if you use emerged plants, you will not get the best aspect and the plants don't show their beauty. In this case the layout receives some penalties.