Thursday, February 24, 2011

4rd and 6th Place - Layouts in Analysis

This layout in picture seems amazing but live is much better!!! Unbelievable work...I was walking around the aquariums to see their development and I missed this layout; I really don't know what did happen... for a single moment I was passing on the hall and just faced this huge carpet of mixed foreground! I thought to myself "What a hell, from where this came from? How did he putted this amount of plants like this?" It is possible to see on the picture all the details on the foreground and the mix of plants that gives a natural touch to the layout. The overall composition is very good, excellent focal point, great depth, but too heavy IMHO. If all mixed plants give a natural shape at same time is too distracting.

Great moss scape. The positioning of the driftwood is very good but something is missing on the left side. The layout is unbalanced because the driftwood guide us from the sides to the centre, and the use of plants on the right side, just created a focal point that let me stuck over there. IMHO, it was better if the scaper didn't used the stem plants or since he did it in one side, he should use them on the both sides.

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