Monday, January 17, 2011

Difference between a real fish food and junk.

Most of people choose the fish food by price or size, forgetting the composition and if it’s good or not for the fishes.
Without polyphosphates, ELOS provides us a fish food rich in vitamins as a conserving and through the packaging in aluminium, permits to keep the food for a long time without lose the properties. Vitamins enhances the colour of your fishes and keeps them healthy, so there is no reason to supply extra vitamin on the aquarium during the night, because if you add them during the day, it will lose immediately its own properties; it will be the same of supplying water through water… it will not be absorbed by the fishes. In this case, the vitamins are supplied on the food what will be absorbed by your fishes immediately in order to get the best results.
When you feed your fishes in a planted aquarium, even that you feed them with junk, the polyphosphates can be easily assimilated for the plants, but in marine or low demanding planted aquarium sometimes we need to use resins to remove phosphates from the water to get a balanced aquarium and to avoid algae.
Rich in proteins and Vitamins as a conserving is no longer needs the use of resins or extra vitamins for your fishes; instead of giving a lot of food, a small amount of ELOS Fish food (1/5) is enough to feed your fishes!

The video below is a review of ELOS Fish food from BulkReefSupplyCom, you must see it!!

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